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No familiar with no fax payday loans or have a question you can not find the answer to? You will most likely find the answer to you question below in our freqently asked questions we receive from customers who are not familiar with no fax loans.

What exactly is a no fax payday loan?
No fax payday loans are simply a payday loan which does not require you to fax in documentation like other traditional payday loans do.

Who can apply for a no fax loan?
Anyone can apply for a no fax payday loan by going to our online application.

Is there a minimum income requirement?
Yes, You must earn at least $900 per month.

Is there a minimum amount of time I must be on my job?
Yes, You must be at your place of employment for at least 90 days.

Are there limitations as to what I can use the loan for?

Are loans available for self employed individuals?

Can I get a payday loan through your service to pay off another payday loan?

I only have a savings account, can I still apply?

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